it feels like this is the end

It’s time. I’ve been fighting it. I’m not even going to post this right away, but save it as a draft with all the intentions of posting it later. [it’s now later]

Quarter Rest is closing.

I thought that perhaps the break would rejuvenate me and this blog. That I would miss posting observations and bits and that I would find myself with oodles of time to observe new bits were I not posting here and reading all your blogs.

I have no idea when I ever had the time to read and comment on everyone’s posts!

And, honestly, I think I’ve just let go. I still have the family blog that I post the inane stuff too, where I don’t have to be quite so concerned about keeping it interesting or pithy or quirky. I can do it, braindead, at 11pm and the grandparents are ecstatic. Upload a completely unedited video and they’re even happier than if I wrote a brilliant piece. I also have if the spirits move me for “real” writing and thought purging. And I have flickr.

And, I have a toddler who spends a large chunk of her week at day care. That leaves me with fewer observations, I’m afraid. I get to see the big things, but it’s the little things that I liked posting about here. And all the time that she’s not in day care is with her or about her – and she’s staying up until 9pm now and barely taking weekend naps.

So, after that litany of excuses and half-assed reasoning, the end result remains the same.

Quarter Rest is closing.

It will still sit here. I like the name. I still want my blogroll available to check up on you all every now and then and I can’t promise that there will never be another incarnation of Quarter Rest in the future. But, as it sits now, Quarter Rest is closing.

The line after the lyric used for this post title is: though I know I’m starting again. I’m not disappearing. I just won’t be here. So email me – see side bar! – if you would like to see me on flickr or, every now and then, on goodreads. I look forward to seeing you all out and about in the web.

6 responses to “it feels like this is the end

  1. I will miss you.
    I understand the time crunch and your Magpie needs to come first.
    And I will see you on Goodreads!

  2. I haven’t been around much lately, but I will miss knowing that your blog is out there waiting for me to catch up on what you guys are doing. I have really enjoyed being a new mom with you, reading about your experiences shifting from pregnancy to momhood and sympathizing with our shared learning curve as we turned into the seasoned parents that we *sort of* now are!

  3. Totally, totally, totally understandable. Busy life with baby certainly does get in the way of blogging. I’m so glad you’re still going to be around on flickr, and hey, if you get a twitter acct, add me!

  4. It’s funny but while I have unlimited things to say I’m just not that motivated to go read. Seems we are facing the opposite blogging “ailments”.

    I will miss you though. Especially since I decided to come around for a visit!!

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