so, can I put that on my resume?

I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I’m a

Tree Hugging Reinventing Money Manager

The results also noted that 0% of the 32000+ people who have taken this quiz are like me.

What the hell crap heck does that mean?  (no, the quiz did not ask whether or not I have a potty mouth.)

There were a couple of questions on the list that I could only check off because of Mr.Q (related to saving money), one that I’ll be able to check off next year (after the Olympics are in Vancouver, I’ll have gone to them!) and two that I am willing to check off, if and when I ever have the occasion to get around to it: go on a spiritual retreat and go to a nude beach.

Now, should it happen, the former would be covered on the other blog, so we’ll leave that there.  But a nude beach?  Why not?  I have been to clothing optional beaches, primarily consisting of the occasional topless woman….hey, maybe that counts.

I realised, as I ran around in my underwear yesterday (hey, my pants got soaking wet after trudging through melting snow yesterday and they were not conducive to comfort) that nudity really does not bother me in any way, shape and/or form.  No puns intended.  Plain ol’ nudity is, at best or worst, funny.  If it’s sexy or provocative, someone’s trying too hard.

Once again, no pun intended.

Now, there is a nude beach around here.  But it ain’t no clothing optional resort beach and is – rightly or wrongly – infamous for some less than family friendly activity.  So, really, for me, that’s no option.  Naked polar bear swim?  Sure.  If I were into hypothermia.  Which I’m not.  Discomfort in the form of tattoos and deep tissue massage is fine.  Freezing my ass off – naked or not – is not good.  But, we are going to Mexico later this year and I wouldn’t be surprised if the beach there is partially clothing optional, so I have the potential to check this thing I’ve done off my list there.  The problem is that the trip is for a family wedding; my in-laws and my parents will all be there.  It’s going to take a lot of free booze for a me to accept the clothing optional option that week.

And, really, while Tree Hugging Reinventing Money Manager might be a talking point on a cover letter, Droopy Drunk Naked Woman is not.

got 43 things?  try the quiz and leave me a comment with your results!

One response to “so, can I put that on my resume?

  1. Organized Self-Improving Self-Knower – That’s me; also the only one to have taken the quiz to get such a title. Huh.

    I think if your trip is for a family wedding, ALL THE MORE reason you NEED to slip away for a little clothing optional exploration.

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