Mr.Q and I went out last night for a friend’s birthday and a friend, who has been our wonderful house-sitter and babysitter in the past came over again to stay with the Magpie.  The post holiday break return to day care hadn’t been as smooth as we would have hoped and Mr.Q has been dragged by the Magpie around each morning in an effort to be shown everything day care has to offer and keep him around a few minutes longer.  Sadness and melancholy accompany each leave-taking and requests to stay home or go to Starbucks instead were regular breakfast conversation starters.

So, we did a lot of preparatory discussions on Friday and Saturday:  guess who’s coming over to play tonight?  P’s coming for a visit – just to see you!  You can show P all your new toys and books!

We asked that our babysitter show up a few minutes early so that there would be a little cross-over time.  We had supper ready and dessert waiting in the wings.  And as soon as P the babysitter came up the stairs, the Magpie turned to me and said okay, bye!

Just like that.

And, when we were taking too long leaving our phone numbers, she turned to her father and sighed: daddy.  go and get your jacket.

Just like that.

We got to the restaurant early.  And a good time was had by all, including those who stayed home and made playdough sculptures and read books.

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