because I can

the colour is Branding Iron

the colour is Branding Iron

I had a spa appointment booked last weekend for regularly scheduled maintenance and, as I waited, I took a look at some of the polish on display and the girls were quick to point out that one of the shades I liked was going to be discontinued as was on sale for half price (I’m not contemplating about why the shade was discontinued…).

And that was it: I had a startling shade!

Painting it was a whole other story and I strongly recommend that no one look too closely as the edges are all very, very sketchy.  Dark shades make for visible messes.  And visible chips.  And visible left-overs.  I’ve already had to remove the polish, since there were major dings within two days.  And I suspect that I’ll be scratching the residue off for another week at least.   So, I think my only solution is to go back and get a buy a good top coat and reapply.

(a 43 things goal reached!)

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