I’m not naming names, becuase that’s not nice.  And I have to live with him after.


Shouldn’t it be the person who utters the damning phrase (let’s say, hypothetically: wow!  the cat’s been really good about peeing inside her litterbox lately!) be the one who has to clean up when, not 10 minutes later, the inevitable occurs?  (let’s say, hypothetically, the cat pees right outside her litterbox.)  It’s like washing your car.  If you wash your car, you caused the rain.  If you state outloud how wonderful something has been, it will end.

It’s just common sense.  Child sleeping well?  Car behaving?  No crises at work?  Be happy about it but, for the love of all that you belive in, do not mention it within earshot of another living person!  Otherwise the streak will end and you will end up wtih an awake child in a broken down car while your blackberry vibrates its way across the front seat with urgent messages.

So, when (hypothetically) the cat pees on the laundry room floor only because it was mentioned how well things had been going, the mentioner bears some of the responsibility.  Yes the (hypothetical) cat has free wil, blah blah blah, but really.  The cat (hypthetically) peed everywhere only after it was noted that she wasn’t.

I’m just saying.

2 responses to “perverse

  1. EXACTLY, my dear. And that’s why we will undoubtedly find the lost book that we just replaced with a new copy today. And also why after I bragged to my OB at my last visit that my cold hadn’t spread to anyone else, I went home and the next day had to start nursing the husband and daughter back to health for over a week while my mom who had been babysitting while we were at the appointment went back to her house for her own round of the virus. So yeah, best to keep one’s mouth shut OR be strong enough to deal with the consequences, I say.

  2. The EP doesn’t argue with me anymore when I make him knock on wood because I tend to get all hysterical and stuff.

    So yeah, I am right there with you. Magical thinking my ass.

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