my unmarried husband

Long ago, in a city far, far away, two people were wed.  One of them was skinny because she was young, not prone to cooking and hadn’t yet attempted to give birth to a 10 pound baby.   The other was skinny because he was in denial about his many serious food intolerances and probably wasn’t getting any nutrients of any sort.

A great deal of time passes.

She is still able to fit her engagement and wedding band, having subconsciously encouraged her extra 20 pounds to redistribute elsewhere.  He, however, after years of restrictive diets and soothing supplements, had regained his full digestive abilities and his missing 20 pounds.  These 20 pounds went where ever they damn well wanted, including, apparently, his hands.

He, at this time wears neither his hallowed engineering ring, nor his wedding band.

So, in two weeks, they both have a day off so that they can celebrate an early Valentine’s Day without having try and track down a babysitter on such a busy night.  And they are going ring shopping.

Just like she can have her skinny pants and not-so-skinny pants, he can have his skinny ring and not-so-skinny ring.

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