lack of focus

Thank you all for your encouragement – I can now update that, after a couple of delays, the father in law has a pacemaker and sounds much improved.  He still is taking it easy, but that’s really about all we know.  That’s because his father in law (Mr.Q’s grandfather) went in a few days later for surgery to remove a portion of his intestine. This went down shortly after his second hip replacement.  Add in my own mother’s roller coaster of switching over some of her medications, and it’s been a little difficult to remember who has what scheduled for which day.  Or why they got bumped.  Again.

Yes, it’s all fun and games around here.

So, while I’m not entirely aware of any one thing that’s been going on, I do get to know that everyone seems to be doing okay.  Which is good.  Because I have to stop focussing on far away people and get ready to deal with some those very same folk who will be visiting: three different sets, three weekends in a row.  It’s a damned good thing that two of those weekends will involve people who don’t care if we live like slobs.

But there are always other things to focus on.  Like the demands of a non-napping two and half year old.  It was an early bedtime half an hour ago and it’s now time for the Check On.  Peace and quiet reigns as long as the Check Ons happen.  On time.  It’s so much easier to check on her than the far away relatives: she’ll give you a straight answer and then some every time.

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