march 1, it’s on

We have the official word from daycare:  March 1, we go cold turkey.  No reservations, no waffling, no diapers.

Mr.Q and I have been toying with it for a while – setting up sticker boards and prizes, helping the toys use the potty and reminding the Magpie that one day, there will be no more diapers.  She’s ready.  She knows in advance when she has to go and she’s used the potty a few times and knows what it’s all about.  We’ve also been harassing daycare about it, because there’s really no point in going forward if they’re not on board.

They are now. There are three kids that they will train at the same time (gotta love toddler peer pressure) and we’re on.

March 1.

The end of diapers.  And the beginning of a few extra loads of laundry.

The end of diapers.


One response to “march 1, it’s on

  1. We have been going through the whole “bedtime with no pull-ups” thing with our three year old daughter.

    Good luck!

    Her last “accident” was about two weeks ago – and we were quite pleased that she was horrified. She is SO pleased on a morning when proudly proclaiming “look Dad – no wee!” lol

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