I’m a bloody masochist

It’s true.  I present to you the following evidence:

So, almost two weeks ago, I decided it was a good idea to try a gentle and effective two week detox cleanse.  I stopped after one week because I was either so full of toxins that they were shredding my intestines on the way out or I was deathly allergic to one of the gentle ingredients.  Innards take a while to recover from that kind of assault…

inkOh yeah, and in that time period, I got my second, huge, intense (and gorgeous and detailed) start to me second tattoo.  While it was one thing to sit through the two and a half hours, it was the following week of sponge bathing – can’t get the ink wet! – and accompanied aching and itching that got a bit much.  And I have to go back in another couple of weeks to get the colour and finishing touches done.  So I can go through the itchy sponge bath bit again…

And today?  Today, I am going in to get my lip and brows waxed.  Nothing new there.  But I’m also, for the first time, getting a leg and bikini wax.  You know, for fun.  Okay, we have a beach trip coming up in a few months and it was suggested that if I want to wax before, I should go in a couple of times.  I may have some words for the recommendee later this afternoon.

And finally, full on potty training starts tomorrow.  It should go well.  She’s ready.  It should go well…

So, if my next post is of the blubbering idiot variety or if it’s about my naked bungee jumping over hot coals during a thunder storm with a cat on my back, you’ll know where I’m coming from.

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