in which I update you during an episode of Blue’s Clues before bedtime

Because, the way things have been and the way things will be, this is the only chance I’ll get.

Both Mr.Q & the Magpie have been sick; he even stole her out of day care early one day to head over to the clinic for a visit.  No one has strep throat, but it was a serious contender.  Despite being ‘only viral’, she was up crying her poor little heart out last night for a few hours and had her dad consoling her while I called the nurses hot-line to see if there were any toddler-approved remedies that no one had told me about.  There weren’t and the Magpie woke up this morning singing and yelling and running around like the night never happened.

Potty training is happening, when the Magpie bothers to go.  And that is no more than twice a day.  Max.  She’s waited from 4pm one day until noon the next between pees.  The girl has one crazy bladder.  It’s a bit traumatic – she’s never happy about it – but she’s not asking for her diapers, loves getting stars and surprises and adores Big Girl UnnnnderWeaaaaar!!  Day care has suggested extra pants, socks and a couple of pairs of Crocs be added to her bin – fine by me.  I may still have to wash a small load of laundry, but I won’t have to listen to any more shoes knocking about the dryer.  Successes far outweigh accidents, but at twice a day, it’s difficult to claim that we’ve got it set in stone.

So, between sore throats keeping us up at night and waiting for the potty events before bed, we have been getting a few hours less every  night.

Oh, and my sister was here two weekends ago, a cousin was here last weekend for a concert and my parents are coming tomorrow for the weekend.

So, when my parents arrive, in addition to viruses and potties, they will be faced with my recent tattoo in the flesh (and it’s on my shoulder so there’s no creepy business here). They’ve seen the photos and they’ve asked about it.  They don’t get it.  They’re not really sure why my sister and I insist on paying people to jam ink into our skin, but they haven’t decided to disown us.  Yet.  I had a call last week from the artist who wanted to check up on his work and my schedule so that we can book the second session – nothing’s firmed up yet, but soon!

And, finally, this is how busy I’ve been: I haven’t been freaking out about the new U2 album.  I haven’t bought it yet, even though I see it every morning at Starbucks.  I haven’t been to the site to listen to all the tracks, though I’ve skimmed the official U2 email that tells me I can do that.  I am now the world’s suckiest fan.

But, sorry U2, I have a (sort of) potty trained daughter and a damned nice half tattoo!

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