I’m still a masochist, and my daughter is brilliant

Not sure how any of that is news, but I thought I’d share both those points yet again.

I have just come back from round two of the next great tattoo, so I’m pretty much running on endorphins and Welch’s Fruit gummy things (because they’re awesome)(the endorphins and the gummy things).  It was a shorter session, full of screaming death metal, oldies and banjo tracks – including the theme song to The Beverly Hillbillies…  Far scarier than any searing pain discomfort I was in.  I suspect there was a little evilness on the part of the artist, though, in retaliation for me being creepy; yesterday, I went in and just hung out at the shop.  Sat down, wrote a few lists into my Palm Pilot, went out and got a snack, came back.  Because, you know, I get my kicks hanging out in tattoo shops.

That, and I thought my appointment was actually yesterday.

So, today, I was asked what all that was about, because it was kind of weird.

Great.  Combine that with my ongoing entertainment for the staff with my hell, no, I’m not in any pain faces today, I’m pretty sure that footage of my presence in the shop will be on YouTube any day now.

But, it’s done, it’s gorgeous and it’s covered in bandages until tonight when I can take an early photo for you!


The Magpie got her final big surprise today after a further week of successes and we are officially calling it: she is potty trained!  Daycare concurred on Friday and assured us that we don’t have to wait for the honeymoon period to end.  She gets it.  So, Mr.Q found a good deal on a little basic electric keyboard and the Magpie has officially graduated from her baby keys [no link, because apparently, it’s that old and outdated] to the big ones.


Yes, I just blogged about tattoos and potty training in the same post.  That makes me some sort of post-modern [endorphin junkie, calendar challenged] super mom.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go bake sprinkle cookies with my potty trained daughter, all without moving my right shoulder.  Easy peasy.

[okay, I’m mostly supervising Mr.Q]

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