new phase

Oh, but I am just a dreamer wearing sensible shoes
And I still dream in color even though I sing the blues

jill barber Measures & Scales

I’m having a total Jill Barber phase.  And she’s in town in two Saturdays, but I haven’t even looked for tickets and I’m getting too old to be going out as much as I have been these last few weeks, even if I am home and in bed by midnight at the latest.  And, after a day of all the fair rides of Play Dome, arts & crafts, planting spring seeds and general mayhem before heading out for the night yesterday, I think I need the next 10 days off just to recover.

But, the Magpie is liking Jill Barber, too, so at least I get to listen to the cd at home, unlike the new U2 that the toddler is only lukewarm on.  Have a listen – let me know if you like her too!

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