a little girl day

Tomorrow, it’s me and her.

I’ve been trying to do something a little special with her once a month, and I think it’s been working.  And tomorrow, we’ve got free reign.  There’s a tonne of stuff we could do – go to the aquarium, drop in on my co-workers, hit the doctors’ office for our HepA booster shots, visit daddy at work, go to the craft store, walk in the woods, go for a swim, learn about bees – but the weather will decide a great deal for us tomorrow. She may be perfectly happy spending the entire day at Starbucks (it’s been known to happen).  She may be perfectly happy staying home and painting or gluing scraps of paper.  Maybe she’ll want to do all that and more or ask for the same Blue’s Clue’s episode all day long.  Not that I’d buy into that; we’d have to take a break for the Daily Show day-after airing.

Maybe she’ll have a four hour nap and I’ll get to finish up my as-yet-unmentioned sideline project so that I can start mentioning it.

Whatever we end up doing, I hope we don’t get to it all.  We’ll have to save some stuff for Easter Monday, when her and I are having a day together again!

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