Jello is a fruit, I think

I suspect that line won’t win me the West Coast Organic All Natural Mother of the Year award.

Upon discussing her snack options yesterday and trying to introduce a piece of fruit to complement her cheesy bunnies (sadly, no, not the organic variety…), I offered apples or pears.  Since that’s what is left in the house before we go grocery shopping tomorrow.

She took her moment to think about it very, very carefully before reminding me that but Jello is a fruit, I think.  There wasn’t really much I think about it though – she was just being pleasant.  Jello and cheesy bunnies make a toddler approved nutritional mid-morning snack.

Cheesy bunnies are … uh… carbs.  And dairy.  Jello is a fruit.

Now you know.

not-jello Hey, marginally more balanced than a feast of chocoloate chip muffins … not that that ever happens around here.  {cough}

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