more glazed than a ham

It’s a damn good thing I don’t wear too many shoes with laces, because there’s probably no way that I’m coherent enough to tie them and then I’d trip and give my head a good crack, but that might not be a bad idea, because then I’d get a few days of rest…

Tonight was my third night of not out in a row and I have no idea how or why that happened.

I have spent the last three nights trying on (and, cough, buying) pretty, sparkly jewellery, practicing speaking into a mic and networking.  I got to hang out with friends, experts and colleagues.  None of them were onerous or particularly taxing.  They were all fun, worth while events.  Five or ten years ago, I’d be just fine and still looking for excuses to head out the door to another event.  But now, I still love the events, I just wish they hadn’t all happened in the same week.  Needless to say, I turned down an event on Friday.  Though I would have loved to attend that one, too.

A huge part of that, of course, is the Magpie – I’ve missed her these past few days – and that I know I owe Mr.Q for everything he’s done in my absence these past few nights (though he, too, was out on Wednesday).  But there’s also the part where I’m just not that resilient anymore.  I need more and more beauty sleep to fend off the uglies of puffy eyes and incoherent, bumbling conversations.

Tomorrow, I would rather spend the time with the Magpie and, after she’s in bed, play catch up here on line, and maybe even catch up with my husband’s week.

And then we’ll take a look at our next couple of weeks and make sure our schedules look something close to reasonable.

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