blog, what blog??


Days getting longer.  Toddler staying up later.  Plants require tending.  Clean laundry requires folding sorting rummaging through in the morning.  Photos need to be taken, edited and uploaded.  Trips and birthday parties need planning.  Hair needs colouring, bathing suits needs to be bought and iTunes need to me converted to playable formats.

One day, I will blog about it all.

In the mean time, I am walking the streets daily – to and from work, thank you – I am continually covered by cherry blossoms.

Tis the season and, fortunately, I’m not allergic to those.

2 responses to “blog, what blog??

  1. I am fighting the same one as you – and not finding time to write much at the moment. It’s crazy.

    I am still reading you though (even if I do have a stack of your old posts to read!) lol

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