sweet ride

The Magpie will soon be turning three.

Holy crap.

But I digress.

The Magpie will soon be turning three and she needs a birthday present.  Though one of her little friends who recently turned three received a big, big bike with training wheels, we were thinking of taking the slightly safer road and starting her off with a tricycle or scooter.  Though -as fascinating as it may be to my auto-repairing brother-in-law – I’m not sure this is what she would have in mind…

But it’s gorgeous!  It’s styling, it’s flying, it’s shiny (okay, even the pink one) and it screams ass-kicking tricycle.  But there’s a small difference between a three year old and a thirty-fo something appreciating the fins on the back wheels of a shiny set of wheels.  And does it come with an appropriately retro styled helmet, knee pads and elbow pads?  Matching band-aids and water bottle?

And how am I supposed to park it next to my not-so-shiny car?  My grey station wagon is going to look very boring and how am I to coerce her into her carseat to get to daycare in the morning?  What if she takes up joyriding and sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night for a cruise around the block?  Starting her off with a set of wheels like this is going to set us up for a life of convertibles and hot rods.  Or motorbikes.  aaagh.  Racing motorbikes!

It doesn’t really matter, since she actually wants a skateboard and a backpack.

And the gigantic lion sculpture that was at the museum 6 months ago.

So … any more ideas for a three year old?

One response to “sweet ride

  1. My goodness what a sweet ride. And you are right, it just doesn’t seem right to have such a sweet ride and then have to pair it with Dora knee pads (or whatever other kind you can find; they most likely will have some character that does not scream “SWEET RIDE!” on them).

    No ideas by the way. I think we’re taking our almost-3-year old to build a bear for her big day. And puzzles. Yeah.

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