in which the smaller boob gets squished

I’m not sure how that works.  I mean, really, the (slightly) larger one should be the one that’s out there, getting in the way.

But, no.

Somehow, when getting settled for my much anticipated massage, I lay down on my stomach and it was a little…off.  One was comfortably settled into the table while the other was kinda getting pushed around.  It wasn’t that bad, at the time.  It was noticeable – huh, that’s kind of funny – but not worth interrupting my massage to haul around a post-breastfeeding boob.

So I lay there, as my shoulders, neck and jaw were beaten into submission and odd squishinesses became a vague memory.

But, now, eight hours later, it’s still sore.  How the hell is it still sore?  My back and neck feel brilliant, post massage, but my left boob is suffering.

And, really, I hadn’t thought there was enough there left to suffer…

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