another epidsode of things I’ve surmised

If I came by here, I’d figure I was one of those bloggers who didn’t really give a rat’s ass about updating their site.

I’d be wrong. But I can certainly see where that could come from.

And I even had yesterday off, with no appointments until 3pm. I had all morning to do a quick vacuum and wash the dishes – an hour, tops – and then the rest of the time to devote to flickr and blogging. So, when I got home after day care drop off at 8:50am I came upstairs to throw on some sweats.

I woke up at 11:50am.

I managed to get the crock pot going, inhale a bite of lunch, wash the dishes and sweep the floor before running out the door in the hopes of finding an appropriate (and appropriately priced) two-year old’s birthday gift (I didn’t) before my cut. (I did find of some lovely, expensive stuff that I’m considering trolling the internet for deals for the Magpie’s birthday, though…)

So, having now typed this, I’m not entirely sure what I’ve surmised.  Yes, I appear to be over-tired.  I have placed sleep above blogging, though do give far more than a rat’s ass about it.  I have no birthday present for today’s party.

That’s enogh epiphanies for 7am on a Saturday.

One response to “another epidsode of things I’ve surmised

  1. Sleepy head! 🙂 That’s almost exactly the time that I dragged myself out of my cozy bed and I don’t have any good excuses.

    Hope all goes well for the rest of the day.

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