clothing optional, blankets are not

The Magpie has taken to sleeping with as many blankets as she can.  Even though her rom has huge, south facing windows and the longer, sunny days are making for toasty evenings and even though she prefers to wear long pajamas to bed and even though she gets toasty warm herself, she insists on her duvet and an afghan or two.

I have no idea what we’re going to do when summer actually hits – other than hope that she finally realises that she is too warm and crank on the air conditioning – other than to try and convince her to sleep in tank tops and underwear.

2 responses to “clothing optional, blankets are not

  1. Katie’s doing the same thing. “this is my blankie and this is my blanket!” Luckily, she’s loving nightgowns at the moment and it’s not all that warm here yet.

  2. I understand completely. Our kids are going through an “its too dark” phase – which means are bedrooms are lit like stadia at night…

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