long weekend slack-ass-ery

It’s a holiday weekend around these parts and I just spent the morning at the first summer farmers’ market with the Magpie and a good friend.  Mr.Q has taken over parenting duties for a few hours under the premise that I am now working on photographs on the desktop, downstairs.  I am, of course, blogging on the laptop, upstairs.

I could be vacuuming.  I could be putting in a load (or six) of laundry.  I could be looking further into out planned Monday road trip to some old train tunnels.  I could at least be cleaning up from lunch.

But it’s a long weekend.  I have been lured into looking at Tumblr, where I can, it seems, have all my blog posts, flickr updates, tweets and goodreads quotes appear in one format.

That only works if I bother to go in and update my blog or flickr or goodreads… hey, like now!  How productive of me.

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