because I’m into root cause analysis and all that

Migraine number four struck yesterday.

I had to text Mr.Q (an event in and of itself) to call him back from his well deserved co-worker karaoke-fest because I was unable to feed and care for our daughter.  We woke up from our afternoon nap and I spent a good 20 minutes wondering why I felt like shit before realising what was going on.

Hey, it is only my fourth migraine ever.

One hour and a half,  two ice packs,  two Advil, several glasses of water and one emptying of the stomach later, things were to the point where I was semi-coherent and could function well enough to sit vertical, as long as I was supported.  By evening, all was mostly well.  I know that, in the grand scheme of migraine suffering, what I’ve gone through with mine is ridiculously minor.  Even the worst one was mostly over in 48 hours.  And the last two I’ve staved off in less than a day.  But, still.  Today, I went to the doctor.

She said pretty much what I expected: these things happen.  If you’re not getting them daily and there are no severe neurological symptoms, no one really does any testing.  She did encourage me to come back if things get worse and gave me some medication samples, but essentially sent me on my way.

So, 34 years passed in my uneventful life, to lead only to a series of four migraines in six months.  Potential triggers abound, but none consistently.  And now here I sit researching migraine symptoms (and, yes, they fully fit the list), triggers (basically can’t do much of anything anymore) and read up on Axert.

But, the question remains: why now??  What has changed?  There is no family history.  There is no personal history.  There has to be a reason.

I’ll be chatting with my dentist and massage therapist for potential structural issues in my jaw or neck but, I’m not sure where to go after that.  It’s all well and good that I now have meds to take when the pain hits, but that doesn’t help the Magpie or Mr.Q at the time.  Or whoever is between me and the bathroom (since, apparently, nausea is a side effect of the meds, in addition to being a migraine symptom)(yay).

I get it: people get migraines.  But people don’t just get migraines.

2 responses to “because I’m into root cause analysis and all that

  1. I’m always interested in root causes, too (even when it’s clearly not my business). I hunted out my Louise Hay “You Can Heal Your Life” book (because I’m the sort of person who believes in this stuff), and according to her, migraines come from “invalidating the self.” They’re “created by people who want to be perfect and who create a lot of pressure on themselves.” I’ve only just found you, so I’ve no idea if this could be true. I’m just throwing it out there…

    Delightful blog–I’ll be back!

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