it’s the tipping point in the shoe cycle

I’m not entirely sure how it worked out this way, but I seem unable to break the cycle: I run out of shoes – multiple pairs of shoes – at the same time.

I wear my shoes into oblivion.  I wear my shoes longer than I should.  Cracked soles, worn toes, questionable clasps all appear for several months before I get around to replacing footwear.  I only ever have one pair of Black Shoes, one pair of Brown Shoes, one pair of Neither (currently, red, with a hole in the bottom of the right one) and the same series in sandals.

Occasionally, a rogue pair will appear – too cute sandals, ass-kicking rain boots or printed heels – because there were too cute to pass up, but the basics are always purchased together.  And leave together.

My black shoes are trashed.  My red shoes are disintegrating.  My brown shoes are passable, but won’t last another summer.

So, I have to go shopping.  I hate shopping under pressure.  The rogue shoes are always my favourites.  I didn’t need them.  I bought them because they are awesome.

Don’t even get me started on how badly I need jeans and a swimsuit.

I have to go shopping for shoes.  But I’ll manage to find a few other things to shop for – plants, birthday parties, kitchen gadgets – before I get around to it.

2 responses to “it’s the tipping point in the shoe cycle

  1. You have my sympathy…there is nothing worse than shopping under pressure. And that’s usually when I make my worst purchases–I get that desperate “I’ll buy anything, just get me out of this dang store” feeling.

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