free range toddler

Not that she knows it.

We (I) have started leaving the gate down in the evenings.

We had the discussion with friends the other day about the corralling of children.  Barricading.  How they found it necessary, on occasion, to contain their tantrum-loving toddler.

And I realised that, really, we had no reason to put up the baby gate at the Magpie’s door in the evening.  A gate at the top of the stairs, of course, but not one in her doorway.  She doesn’t get up; she calls out.  She doesn’t sleep walk.  She doesn’t pitch full on, damage inducing tantrums.

So the gate is down.

We’ll have to see if we get any morning visits.

One response to “free range toddler

  1. I remember this…our little guy revelled in the freedom…kept finding excuses to get out of bed and come into the living room. It was a bit challenging, but I could no longer bear to shut him in…

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