I, too, would like to put California Closets on my tab

I have decided that everyone – and I mean everyone, with the exception of one other rather confused, warm looking commuter – has a secret closet at work.  A large, well stocked closet.

How else does one go into work during a torrential downpour, wearing rain boots and a trench coat while covered by a sidewalk spanning umbrella, but go home eight hours later wearing sandals, no coat and carrying only a tiny summer purse??  Because I don’t.  I wear the same boots and trench home, carting a still damp umbrella.  Despite the fact that the weather has cleared up, warmed up and now resembles summer in the South, I schlep home on the Skytrain in the gear I wore during the stormy, spring morning.

So, I need a secret closet.  Based out of my cublicle.  I’m not entirely sure where it would go, but that can’t possibly be my problem.  Everyone else seems to have one somewhere and they’ll just have to fit mine in.  And stock it.  I can barely keep up with my clothing needs in my one closet; keeping up with the demands of two would just be overwhelming.  And coordinating everything so that all my sandals don’t end up at one locations?  I’m gonna need an assistant.

Anyone know how to bill that?

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