wrong on too many levels

I will not get into my inability to grasp the notion that abstinence-only education somehow leads to fewer teen pregnancies or infections.  I will not rehash her mother’s effects on the last American election, though that is the only reason Bristol Palin made the cover of People Magazine.

palincover However, the quote on the cover of this past week’s People magazine that is giving me an ulcer.  And it’s not the pro-choice advocate part of me that has the problem; it’s the mom part.

If girls realized the consequences of sex, nobody would be having it.  Trust me.  Nobody.

Because that’s what every kid wants their mom to think of them.

One response to “wrong on too many levels

  1. I’m actually speechless about this…just a bubbling brew of incoherent anger/pity/disbelief/etc. inside me…

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