self-improvement has a tendency to stress me out

I have started seeing a new naturopath who also does acupuncture.  Having broken up (by simply cancelling an appointment and humming and hawing around the rescheduling) with my former naturopath who was not visibly interested in dealing with migraines, I’ve been to the one at my massage clinic.

So, now, every two weeks I have a naturopath and massage appointment.  I’ve been allowing myself to read books that have no obvious purpose and go to the park in the evening with the Magpie.  But the ‘real’ self-improvement books that I want to be reading, the yoga classes, the organising, the gardening and the walking that I want to do, just aren’t getting done.

I seem to have prioritized being a human voodoo doll over sun salutations and pigeon pose.  (and pigeon is the best damn thing. ever.)  There is something to be said for watching a couple of inches of metal sticking out of your skin, lodged a little too close to tendons and muscle that have otherwise been known to cause grief instead of working those tendons and muscles out in a steamy, mirrored room.  I’m not quite sure what that something is, but it definitely says something…

Mostly, that I’m fickle in my preferences for maintaining sanity.

But we already knew that.

Now if only I didn’t feel compelled to guilty stressed about not maintaining my previous preferences, stress relief might be a little more effective!

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