my spleen sucks

That’s the word on the street, peeps.

Okay, it’s actually the word from my new naturopath, upon reviewing my file and my tongue (uh, yeah…. it’s a thing, apparently).  It’s got low energy and isn’t realising its full potential.

Oh, and my liver sucks too.  But only half sucks.  Seems it’s doing half the job by going in and evicting my toxins from my tissues, but not helping them get where they need to go (like, out).  So the fat-lovin’ toxins get miffed and want to go hang out in the soft spot on my tummy, but there’s no room there because the earlier toxins beat them to it.  They travel around, causing headaches, eczema and sleep changes.  I’m not happy and they’re not happy.  So, they demand and lay claim to the occasional doughnut or not-so-occasional french fry that makes its way into my system and build their own layer of padding to hang out in.  Until my liver comes along and tries to kick them out again without giving them somewhere to go.


My liver’s a NIMBY whiner with no other plans.

It needs a plan.  And a few resources.  And my spleen needs to get its chi back.  And then maybe my liver will be able to gather up the toxins hanging out and deny them their real estate and I will not only feel better but may even look a little better by the end of it!

In the mean time, I’m on another supplement and have been denied raw veggies for the next couple of weeks.  Just as the fresh peas are coming in and my tomatoes are turning red.

bah.  Silly spleen.

2 responses to “my spleen sucks

  1. For what it’s worth, I’m picturing your liver and spleen right now and sending some positive, healing thoughts…and what an utter bummer about the peas and tomatoes…

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