home again, home again

We just spent the last five days at my parents’.

As in, in their house.  Eating there, sleeping there, checking email there.

Which is why I haven’t been posting here.  Deleting the browser history would have not only been suspicious, it would have completely destroyed my parents’ way of navigating the vast interweb and meant weeks of re-creating their favourite haunts and logins.

Okay, maybe not weeks, but a good couple of hours at least.

We appear to have survived.  I was only accused of being disorganized and messy once.  My hygiene was only questioned once.   My uncertain ability to cope as a working mother was only brought up once.  My general busyness and presumed stress levels were mentioned numerous times but, I’ve stopped counting those as they are really my true source of stress.

But, they did keep the Magpie entertained thoroughly and kept the spoiling to a minimum.  They kept the house mostly free of mosquitoes.  They didn’t force us on more people than necessary, though my lack of interaction with the locals was also noted.  But I went up so that the Magpie could visit with her grandparents on their turf, not to make small talk with old high school acquaintances whom I barely spoke with untold years ago.  So, that’s what we did.

And it worked reasonably well.

Had we had more time up there, I would have either

  1. gone bitchy and batty or
  2. had the opportunity to get motorbike rides, fishing, hiking and placidly faking five minutes of vague conversation in a vain attempt to catch up on the last 17 years with former classmates and then contemplating the job and housing markets.

And I really don’t want to risk the latter.

So we packed our things back up last night and took the flight back home today.  The dog and the cat were exstatic to see us.  And the mosquito bites should be gone in a few days.

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