love your library

The Magpie has taken to reading her own books.  And by reading, I of course mean memorizing what we’ve said, but you get the idea.  She reads her books to us at her bedtime.  She puts us down for naps by reading us a book.  She amuses herself at restaurants, only interrupting to show us a particularly interesting page (there are many).

She’s amassed a tonne of books in her short life and, though some of them are still too old for her and will last a long time yet, I have visions of a book store worthy stack forming in the next few short years.

A new library is being built near our place and the current local dive – a couple of painted up trailers that looks like backyard, moss covered storage for the distant flagship library (but it really is a good library…inside) – is moving up into the sparkly new digs.  Someday.  Soon.

I have a card.  I have yet to use it.  We visit.  We hang out.  We read.  But I’m starting to think that it might be a good thing to get her used to the idea of borrowing and returning.

She knows about sharing.  She knows about stuff that’s not hers.  We don’t really lose all that much stuff and are mostly good about deadlines…

She already has a Starbucks card.  When do you get a kid their own library card?

One response to “love your library

  1. I went through this too–I bought Nathan all the books he (and I) wanted…but I became a little uncomfortable with the idea of owning it all. So I got him a card when he was five…and actually, the first month of kindergarten, his class took a field trip to one of the local libraries and all the children who didn’t have cards were given one. It’s actually very exciting for them–they feel so proud, choosing and checking out their own books.

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