like people who start to look like their dogs

I’m starting to look like my husband.

Yesterday, I trimmed my first toe hair.

I am torn between mortified, disgusting and enthralled.

Where the hell did it come from?  Was it an anomoly?  Is it going to come back?  Is it going to bring friends?  Gods help, is this something I’m going to have to start dealing with??

Just in time for full fledged summer, I get a crazy ass hair sprouting out of my foot.

Are toes waxes normally included with pedicures?

Damn, I bet this thing migrated from my head.  Because that is what’s happening with SigOther.  His scalp gets a little sparser and the rest of him gets a little more hirsute every day.

Great.  Maybe I should have saved the trimming to transplant…

One response to “like people who start to look like their dogs

  1. Oh just wait until one sprouts from your chin! I shit you not! Last year…..all of a sudden …..I was like, WHAT?! Sure enough, one random chin hair. I plucked that baby so fast, it never stood a chance.
    Oh it has tried to come back but I watch it like a hawk & when I even see it trying to invade my facial territory I pluck that sucker out!

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