blowing bubbles

It’s the funniest thing to show us a mouthfull of food.  It’s hilarious to blow bubbles (through a tube) in the kiddie pool.  And passing gas? That just makes her laugh so hard that she passes a little more…  Roaring like a dinosaur and fire trucks also top her list of cool things.

I know she hangs out with some of the boys at daycare, but she’s got her little girlfriends too.  She loves purple, pink, dresses, long hair and her doll house.  She begs to have her toenails painted and is very particular about getting her fingernails trimmed.  She hates getting her feet dirty.

Today she was desperate to go to the beach, but didn’t want to get sand in her toes.


She got over it.  A bit.

Just as soon as I think the Magpie has decided she’s a girly-girl or a tomboy, throws a curve ball.  Or throws like a girl.  I’m just glad she’s taking the chances to find out her preferences, regardless of girly convention.  And if she goes all tomboy in pink nail polish, more power to her!

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