as long as I don’t have to smile for a student ID


I’m an official student again.

Okay, I’m a part-time student in a distance learning (fully on-line) course with special permission to take the class while not being part of the actual program, but still.

I am registered at a post secondary institution as a student.  I have a student number and an institution email address.

It’s not like I’ve ever gone long without taking a class.  I am forever taking classes.  But, they are generally of the community center, personal interest, book store seminar ilk.  Occasionally I’ll attend a seminar that will grant me a certificate I could add to my work file, but those involve more listening than doing. “yay! you showed up and (mostly) stayed awake through the seminar!

This is a full blown, credit accumulating kind of class.  The kind that, if I take more of, I could end up with a diploma.

And it’s at an institution that is very accommodating with their part time studies, distance learning and scheduling.  Taking more of these credit accumulating classes is actually a possibility.  I’m kind of excited about it.  It should be a good class and it’s relevant.  Bonus.

Assuming I can still bludgeon – or is that blunder? – my way through a class that has papers and exams and grades.

The Magpie is signed up for dance class and trampoline class.  We’ll probably sign her up for music again, too this year.  That means an hour and a half of running around and sometimes singing or playing the drums.  No grades.  No student numbers.

She does get a rec card with her photo on it, but no student number!

One response to “as long as I don’t have to smile for a student ID

  1. I think you rock for getting off your ass and studying at all… I have been planning on doing *something* for years, but have never knuckled down to signing up for anything (it would probably be maths, if anything).

    (ps sorry I haven’t looking in on your blog for so long – I now have my Macbook back, so expect a deluge of comments, blog posts and other such idiocy from me)

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