page one

I started a new journal today.

My purse journal had been filled with notes from a seminar, drawings by the Magpie and myself and scraps of notes, price comparisons and phone numbers.  There wasn’t a blank scrap left.  So, today, I wrote the first lines in a brand new coiled book, capable of surviving life in my purse, work back and the occassional toddler doodle.

I can only lust after moleskins from afar; I’m far too scared to cough up the price knowing the torture it will have to endure.

Here is the first entry:


Tues, 29 Jul 2009.

The label on my Starbucks sandwich ways “USE BY 29JL09”.

And so I shall start my new journal in the sweltering summer heat, over an iced Americano and nearly expired baguette.

Smells okay.

I have not been blogging nearly as much – who has the time? – and until the day I have a netbook and the where-with-all to carry it with me everyone, I won’t.  With five blogs and four journals and facebook and twitter, it’s amazing anything ever gets updated.

And now I am registered for a course in the fall.  I am also registered for a reiki level 2 class.  I am, however, the only person registered in each, at the moment, so we’ll see if either one goes ahead.

And, all of this, of course, is secondary to the Little Girl.  Sometimes even the husband and animals too… 🙂

But the Little Girl is 3 going on 30 and has very strong opinions that are all subject to change at a moment’s notice.  She has to try everything for herself.  She has a tonne of friends and no known enemies.  She loves the aquarium, the art museum, skytrain and the beach.  She desperately wants a bicycle and to go on a helicopter ride.  She likes chocolate bars and Smarties, but only wants vanilla ice cream.

I could go on for another few pages – the danger of starting a journal entry – but it’s tiem to go back to work.

So many blank pages.  So little time.

3 responses to “page one

  1. Five blogs?! I only know this one…

    I love new notebooks – the prospect of what might be written, drawn, considered… I stumped up for a Moleskine – they are as hard as nails; far stronger than a spiral bound book. M

  2. Before I pressed tab by accident, and then the perfect combination of keys to submit the previous comment, I was about to write about my first Moleskine surviving the journey to and from London for over a year… it now sits on the shelf – hopefully the first of a line of notebooks that my children and grandchildren will be able to look through and laugh about.

  3. yeah, I’m not sure who is going to read all the little notebooks I’ve accumulated, but they’ll make for a few laughs 🙂

    Yep, five blogs 🙂
    Quarter Rest
    if the spirits move me
    the Photographic Moment – updates

    one family blog and one brand new (ugly) one associated with my newly registered online class that will be for class only but, if I’m planning to update it, it counts!

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