a little tiff with the ivy

I’ve been battling the ivy out front.  We’ve had to reach a truce, whereby I only cut it back roughly 1/3 of the way and it stops beating me up.

a little bruising

We’re both happy with that, but the strata’s maintenance guy seems rather disturbed, based on the number of double-takes he launched at my yard during clean-up intermission.

And, uh, yeah, it’s still intermission.  I’ll finish up this week, but it’s a process.  One that requires resting.

Because, while seeing my massage therapist, he’s decided to start working on my forearms and wrists.  So, I don’t want to over do anything and risk relapse or wrath.  Though he, admittedly is fine with patient lapses, as it keeps him and his colleagues in business.

And, over the months, I’ve now had the chance to see most of the massage therapists there.  Last week, was the grand puba of the clinic and I’m now left with a choice before I book my next appointment (after my bruises fade).

I could return to my regular fellow.  I could get the crap beaten out of me and leave feeling like I’ve been run over by a gigantic transport truck.  But, damn it, there is no doubt that there was a massage and the muscles have been forced into a jelly state.  Movement becomes difficult, thought becomes slow and a rather inanimate state is required for the rest of the day.

Or, I could see the head honcho.  I could undergo some very pin point manipulations near tendons, ligaments, joints and the occassional muscle.  There is some inclincation that something is occurring and a freedom of movement afterward.  But it’s the next day that the full reality of the treatment hits.  Time permits some sort of completion of the adjustments or some primal contrariness kicks in and everything goes into protest mode.  The next day is icky.  Achy.  Vagues nauseating.  But at the same time, the body is straighter, in place and moving smoothly.

There is no winning.  Okay, really, there’s no losing, either.  This is one of those it’s about the journey things or what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.  Or it’s a  stay away from the ivy and no one gets hurt by going to the massage therapist later thing.

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