question of the decade

Student?  What are you going to do with the rest of your life?

Got a job and maybe a place?  When are you going to get married/settle down/find someone special?

Got all that and a kid?  So, when are you having another?

This from people who know that we’re strongly leaning toward keeping our family at three.  Surprisingly, the only ones not asking are my parents.  For the record, we’re not permanently committing ourselves to anything for another couple of years, but that’s mostly just because we’re lazy.

It’s as though everyone is waiting for an I told you so or I knew it moment.  Not to be said out loud, of course, but in significant glances between each other – those with two or three critters of their own – and in sighs at all the baby stuff we’ve already donated or sold.

Every now and then, there is some soul tormenting themselves with the same question.  For example, my physiotherapist who, on my second visit, gave me his entire story, both sides of the argument and his hopeless lack of conclusion.

But I’m no more capable of helping anyone else reach their decision than, it seems, others are able to prevent their curiousity with the status of my uterus.

Good thing I’ve had lots of chances to get my answer together.

4 responses to “question of the decade

  1. I so feel you. The second one is fresh, merely 10 weeks old and it’s ALREADY been insinuated in many a question as to whether or not we are done. Excuse me? Let my girly parts heal. Let me get a few nights sleep. Let some time go by before we tackle this one. Geez.

    It makes me wonder why I never wonder that about people. I so don’t ever get the urge to ask someone if they want more kids. It’s odd to me that other people think it’s their business.

  2. I can not believe the audacity of some people. I absolutely hated it when people would ask me that.
    I tortured them all for a very long time & didn’t have my second child until my first one was 6 years old! hahahaha

  3. This one bugs the crap out of me! I decided when I was 20 (!!) that I would only have one child and I married a man who was perfectly fine with the idea of only one child. And now? Our child is six, and I’m STILL getting the “he’s a only child?” (Look of disbelief followed by pity.)

    No one else can possibly know what’s best for another’s family. I just wish more people would realize that!

    Here’s to minding our own business and making our own decisions!

  4. I have a 4 year old and am not having another. And since I’ve been diagnosed with lupus I’m definitely not having another. People ask me every day.

    It’s amazing.

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