ummm, hi. yeah, how have you been?

Okay, so it’s been a month.

Alright, fine.  It’s been over a month.

But I was off work two of those weeks and mentally on holiday, so they don’t really count.

It was a crazy week before leaving work – the downside to having my own desk is that it has to be in order before I go – it was a crazy first week off with cleaning and major house reorganization and it was a lovely second week off with a little travel and very little internet.  Now, everyone’s back at their day jobs.  Toddler classes have started and my distance ed course has begun.  Throw in the usual family dinners, company and two holidays in one month (we get Thanksgiving in a few weeks in this neck of the woods), one anniversary and one birthday and this next month is also going to be crazy.

So what’s a girl to do?

Why, look longingly at houses that she won’t be buying, of course!

I could blame Jodi and say that all her tales of moving have got me in the mood (but I won’t, because some of those tales scared me!).  I could blame all the cleaning we did around here that got me in the headspace of rooms, paint and feng shui (but I can’t, because I realized how much I like this place in the process).  I could blame the sudden, unseasonal rash of For Sale signs.

Okay, that sounds good.

As does the fact that we have now been in our townhouse for over 9 years and that’s really kind of freaking me out.  This place was purchased on a 5-10 year plan.  There was no plan other than that: we might stay here for 5 to 10 years.  Those years are almost up.  Does that mean we have to move?  No.  But we could.

So I look.

And now Mr.Q has to set a price max and show me exactly what adjustments would be required in the budget before I start accidentally stopping by open houses…

3 responses to “ummm, hi. yeah, how have you been?

  1. Thanks for the shot out! We were in the same situation, in the townhouse 8 years and I hate it. The process was indeed hell, but I love my new house.

    Doug also set a budget, we went $60,00 over. Some, um, yeah.

  2. You’re very brave – considering moving. I still recoil in horror at our last moving experience; I swore I would never move again, and I still feel the same way.

    I’ve been in a bit of a blogging dip too, so it was great to come back and discover you had written. Your blog often feels like an old friend (or maybe it’s your writing?)

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