beer. oh, yeah. beer.

Tonight, at supper, I had a beer.

Hardly revolutionary, but it was the first beer I’ve had in months. The first real beer I’ve had in years.

Yes, years.

I had one home brew over the summer, but it just wasn’t quite the same.

I’d forgotten that I rather like beer.  It’s tasty.  Smooth and tasty.

I was off alcohol for nearly five years, between trying to get pregnant, being pregnant and breastfeeding.  That all ended nearly a year ago and, since then, I’ve indulged in the occasional glass of wine, fruity martini but no beer.  It seemed that, if I were going to drink, I should drink real drinks pressed from local (organic) grapes or concocted from multiple (organic) fruits.  Beer seemed second class.

Seems I was so missing out.

I managed to convince the Magpie that she wasn’t missing out though, and that she would really prefer some of her father’s iced tea.  Today, it worked.

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