we have fire. as long as we have gas.

In the event of some sort of real emergency, I’m not sure that our gas fireplace will actually come in handy for, say, surviving but, in the mean time, we can feel all proud and productive-like that we (Mr.Q) managed to ignite the pilot light.

Without blowing up the complex, I might add.

The Magpie loves it.  The dog doesn’t hate it (and he hates real fire).  It keeps the upper floors toasty warm.  We haven’t had it on in a few years because we keep threatening to get the glass front installed, but we never have.  (I doubt that would count as a reno…)  We finally figured that we should at least slay the dust bunnies that had colonized under the fake logs and appeared to be developing into an agrarian society.

That lead to the rediscovery of gas pipes and valves, one thing led to another and we have fire.


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