beverage of choice

Make mine a coffee.  Or tea.

Aside from my recent rediscovery of beer, I prefer my drinks with a bit of caffeine over alcohol.

The Magpie, though, has already made her opinions clear:

  • coffee, bad
  • tea, good
  • bath water, worth investigating further.

I’m torn.  She’s never been a water baby [yes, my fault for not dragging her to the chlorine soaked, brat infested community pools on a regular basis], but she’s now thinking about putting her face underwater.

For fun, I guess.

So I don’t want to discourage that.  But still.


Is this my hang up?  Have I inherited something that has no basis in reality? Is sticking your face in bath water really any worse – or better – than a public pool on a Saturday afternoon?

I clearly remember having the conversation with my own mother that water coming out of the bathtub tab was no different from water out of any other tap.  I’d apparently decided to stop fighting about the water in the bathtub, but was damn well determined to make my case about the water-spout.

I also never set foot in a public pool until a few years ago [the rare hotel pool not-with-standing,] having grown up swimming in glacially fed lakes and rivers in the more northern parts of the province.

So, yes, I am loath to have the Magpie drink bath water.  Accidentally or otherwise.  I’m not very keen on her getting a face full of pool water.  But I do want her to be comfortable in water in general so I guess that leaves the local lakes and ocean beaches.

You know, when there are no health warnings posted.

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