the breastfeeding is over, but I’m still on about the boobs

I haven’t breastfed in over a year now, but I’m still pleasantly surprised to see ad campaigns like the new Good Start commercial and website that show comfortable, unhidden breastfeeding.

And then, like Penmachine pondering ads showing (supposedly) gay couples,  I’m always curious whether this ad would run elsewhere.

But why am I still noticing advertisements aimed at new mothers??  Did I not just confess to not breastfeeding in more than a year?  Have I not already mentioned repeatedly that the chance of any planned subsequent pregnancies are slim to none?

The boobs are still on the brain because, though the Magpie has stopped breastfeeding over a year ago, the boobs don’t completely get that.  I am blaming the IUD – that tricky little thing that keeps my body in hormonal limbo of don’t ovulate, you’re pregnant! oh, uh, not really, but you might be! Just enough hormones fake a pregnancy and fool the boobs, not enough to prevent mood swings and water retention.

Just enough to keep me noticing baby commercials and hollering solidarity for the occasional breastfeeding photo.


Fine print: The inclusion of a breast and a bottle in this discussion does not indicate a rabid opinion of breast vs. bottle.  For me and my daughter, it was breastfeeding.  It worked.  It could have easily been sidelined by illness, low production or personal choice and then it would have been bottle.  And that would have been fine.  regardless of how it played out for me, I would still be pleased to see other women able to breastfeed freely – as their personal choice.

One response to “the breastfeeding is over, but I’m still on about the boobs

  1. Oh how I long for the day when we breastfeeding mama’s no longer have to add your disclaimer, when we can talk about our feelings about and journey’s through breastfeeding without the worry that someone who chose differently is going to be offended and lash out.

    And I dunno…the whole new mama ad thing? Even though I’m back in that category, for awhile there I wasn’t and I was STILL staring at other people’s strollers at malls and wondering if we’d made the right choice in newborn transit or whatever.

    I guess you become so in tune with that stuff when you are first introduced to it, that it takes awhile to forget it? Or not notice it? Or are we gonna be walking through malls with our teenaged daughters staring at the newest ad for formula and thinking about it a little too long? Good question.

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