the benefits of having no readers

Okay, I don’t mean you, since you’re obviously here.  You may be a reader now and you may have been a reader in the past – back when I updated this thing on a regular basis and making my way around the blogosphere (is it still even called that?) to keep more current with everyone else.

You know, instead of chronically catching up a month after the fact.

But, most likely, you’ve never been here and aren’t here right now.

And I can’t blame you.  The real world has caught up with me and I have been most neglectful of the blog world.  But, in the real world, I met up with an old friend – forget a month, it’s been a few years since we last met – and caught up on all our many comings and goings.  Kids, relationships, hobbies, work, sleep, food and travel.

And we both admitted to each other that we have secret blogs.

Neither one of us dared make the move to ask the other about the whereabouts of the blogs but we agreed that having a private corner of the internet was a terribly good – healthy! – thing indeed.  No discussion of content, queries about readership or even, really, excessively suppressed curiosity.  We shared enough in each having a secret site and let the secrets that live there, live there.

Now nothing is here is hardly revolutionary.  And it’s not likely that my friend’s site makes the top 20 of the CIA’s watch list either.  But it is ridiculously good to have a place to vent should the need arise.  It doesn’t always.

But with each of our lives and the family filled season, the need likely will arise during the upcoming couple of weeks.

And we’ll each have somewhere to have our say.


Dec 20/09 update:

To clarify:  you are currently reading the secret blog!  Quarter Rest is my opportunity to vent, should I need it, and where I can write without fear of follow up phone calls questioning the current state of my mental health.  (I get enough of those spontaneously.)

So, yeah, apparently my writing skills are slacking and – while I know what I’m talking about – I rather suck at getting it out there.

This makes is really difficult to post about how I kicked ass in the technical writing course I just finished…

(and, yay!  Readers!!)

3 responses to “the benefits of having no readers

  1. oh a secret blog is a good idea…i doubt i could keep up yet another one though…brave woman you are. or just really smart

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