to hell with it, I’m gloating anyway


Seems my mad blogging skillz have wavered in the face of slackassery.  I will own that.  I will work on that.  I have practically burned good intentions on my retinas for renewed blogging and reconnecting with the larger world (yes, you!) in 2010.

But in the mean time, I have garnered proof – irrefutable proof, damn it! – that I can write.  Okay, it may not be catchy, legion inspiring words of wisdom, but it’s still writing.

It seems that I just kicked ass in my technical writing course.

Which is nice, because my place of employment subsidized it and it really helps to pass when bosses get involved like that.

The marks are in and tallied and I did well, yessirree, I did.   In the top range of each assignment, thank you.

Okay, this is self-serving and obnoxious I know.  But it is so relieving to know that I can go back to school 13 years later, post baby brain and still actually do well.  I can still function as a potentially talented member of society (should technical writing be a needed talent).

So, perhaps I can still blog.  Perhaps I can still photograph.  Perhaps I can still write poetry.

Perhaps I need to revisit and revise my 43 things… oooh, apparently it’s been a few months…

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