no one was hurt during the filming of this holiday


I survived.  Mr.Q survived.  The Magpie survived.  The Relatives survived.  Even the dog survived (and he was the most put out of all).

Christmas 2009 is over.  And it was pretty good.  The Magpie slept in until 7am on Christmas morning and loved all of her gifts.  Everyone except Mr.Q and I behaved when it came to gifting.  Going out to others’ for dinner on Christmas and Boxing Day was simply brilliant; aside from the cheese ‘n’ crackers snacks to tide us over between brunches and dinners, I put together a total of 1 pan of brownies and 1.5 salads.  Mr.Q decided that chicken wings were the way to go for the one night we ate here and, since chicken wings are his thing, I got off easy that dinner too.  Relatives made only token attempts to clean things I’d already cleaned.  But the highlights of the weekend resulted from  my one glass of wine and one beer (on separate nights) which kept me doing stupid things like:

  • sloshing red wine on myself and the hostess’ couch
  • dropping the ice cream I was serving into a tall glass of water instead of the very shallow bowl next to it.

Nicely, I believe it was these things prevented the relatives from looking for things to question.  Why worry about my eating habits, how horribly tired I must be or what just ran across the kitchen floor?  Look what I just did!!

I’ll have to try that again next year.

We did well.  We got what we wanted and needed.  The grandparents had a blast.  The Magpie had a blast.  The red wine cleaned up beautifully.  Lots of phone calls were made.  We ate far, far too much.

I didn't make any, but I ate one

And now we’re all happy to have the place to ourselves this evening and relax.

Especially the dog.

Hope you Christmases were as pleasantly uneventful as mine!

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