obligatory year end post in which I look forward

I have a hard time looking back.  I usually say it’s because I don’t believe in regrets.  Dwelling only makes me cranky and I prefer to remember the fond parts of my past.

That and I have a god-awful memory.

So, really, even if I wanted to, any my year in review post would mostly be a bunch of bullshit.  And then you would go back through  my previous posts and call me on it.  And that would suck.

Instead, here are my plans for next year:

  • get back to blogging – bring back Sunday Editions (hm. it seems not all my videos survived the transfer to WordPress…)  and the mid-week photo-op.
  • complete three 52 week photo challenges: one self-portrait, one for the Magpie and one best of the week shot.
  • read more non-fiction.
  • research non-denominational private / charter schools that the Magpie probably won’t attend.  But it will make me feel better that I researched them.
  • catch up on my movie backlog:  Inglorious Basterds, Where the Wild Things Are, New Moon (yes, I said it), Avatar, Sherlock Holmes.  There are lots more.  I’m just not going to be over ambitious here…
  • do things that aren’t in the routine
  • expand my music library with new to me Canadian artists and non-Canadian artists  (as well as more of a few faves).

There.  I’ve written it.  Now I’m marginally more likely to follow through!!

Besides, it’s not like I’ll remember this by the time the year is over.

Hope you memories of this past year are the happy ones and here’s to creating a whole near year of goodness.

Happy New Year!!

3 responses to “obligatory year end post in which I look forward

  1. i have a great memory for things that aren’t really about me so the whole ‘year in review’ post kind of blows for me too. i know i went to class a lot and had another kid. that probably sums it up, now that i think about it.

    so many movies, so little desire to put for the effort to make sure I see them. the shame of it is, I love movies.

    loving your blog–happy new year!

  2. The more I catch up with blogs I have sadly neglected (sorry!), the more lists of stuff I am reading, and the more I think “I should do that”…

    By the end of the day I’m going to have a very similar list to you…

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