and this is what I get for having conversations with Mr.Q (crossing over into TMI)

I will confess: I like Kristen Chase.  I have followed several of her blogs and ventures and I’m following her current Mominatrix book launch and the 2010 Sexual Resolution in which the participants are asked to embark on a journey of titillating tasks for the month of January.  And by following I mean checking in occasionally to see what’s being asked because, really, 31 days in a row??  Okay, we’ll see how it goes, but in between pre-school dance, trampoline & music classes, Mr.Q’s choir, my IT class, work, play dates, over due library books, dishes, Flickr and the occasional dog walk, I’m not committing to everything…

But, I may be more involved in this than I originally planned.

I made the mistake of actually telling Mr.Q about it.

In a fit of explaining why I was still on the computer, I suggested to Mr.Q that it might actually be in his best interest to let me catch up on my blog reading.  And I told him of the Sexual Resolution.

And, now, I am asked every day: so… what’s up with that blog sex thing??

Yeah.  My own fault.  I know.

But it has given him an appreciation for blogging.  Before, it was just a time suck.  Now, it means he may get lucky.  Maybe.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, at the time of writing this post, I have been charged with finding some naughty fiction to read.  And I believe I have time to comply.

2 responses to “and this is what I get for having conversations with Mr.Q (crossing over into TMI)

  1. See–this is why I love the blogsphere! I had no idea that a sexual resolution/revolution was taking place. I’d better go investigate…

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