mid-week photo op: minions!

Minions is an awesome word.  Way better than peons (though, peons is, in its own right, a fairly decent word).  And, using my craftastic skills, I have augmented the Magpie’s stash of geometric felt shapes with… felt people!  They are shown, here, next to the constructs she previously had to create using her existing shapes.  But no more!

Minions! And, yes, a square tree. What of it?

Seriously.  I could create whole armies of these little guys and take over the world!  Or at least increase lint brush sales a million fold.

Not quite a Craftastrophe, but we’re getting close … I can feel it.

6 responses to “mid-week photo op: minions!

  1. Oh I love this–bring on the minions! (And I like minions better than peons–peons seems more pejorative somehow.) Creation is creation–and it’s ALL good!

  2. minions IS an awesome word. I’m a bit of a word nerd, love them. i will try and use minions in a sentence today–even though most of my day is spent with a two-year old and an infant.

  3. When we went to see Peter Pan at the theatre, Captain Hook reminded me of a great term – “Pueling Spawn” (sp?) – excellent 😀

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