2 responses to “Sunday Edition: time’s a bitch

  1. I’m trying to think when my six-year old got interested in time and how we explained…and I’m blanking…hmm…he must have asked before he went to school, but it didn’t really kick in until kindergarten. But at that point, the days became linked to specific events: It’s Monday, you have to go to school. It’s Tuesday, today you have art. It’s Wednesday–today it’s music. And so on. I don’t think a little one can really grasp the enormity of the calendar, but they can certainly relate to what’s happening in their own lives. Do you have a rhythm to your days with specific links to events? My advice would be to make it as personal as you can.

  2. Yeah, that’s what I’ve figured. We’ve linked up regularly scheduled days with Events like music, show’n’tell and dance and it’s slowly sinking in.

    I just won’t worry if she doesn’t get it quite yet 🙂

    Jenn JennQR@gmail.com

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