he can pay for her therapy in 10 years

Over the Christmas holidays, Mr.Q took the Magpie to see a movie.

He’s been thinking about it for a while, and I have adamantly said that I don’t think she’s ready.  She can barely sit through a 20 minute roses and sunshine tv episode and doesn’t like any mean characters in her books.  How is she supposed to sit through a full-blown movie, complete with bad guys??

As an extra hint, we rented all three Shrek movies (she likes Puss in Boots) and she refused to watch the first two because they were not nice.

But he still took her to Alvin and the Chipmunks.  That was her choice – given the option of Alvin or the Princess and the Frog.

They left the theatre after 40 minutes.

One of the characters told Alvin that, if he didn’t stop hanging around his girl friend, he would be dead.

After the recent loss of our cat, the Magpie knows what dead is.

She was horrified that this bad guy would make such a threat.   So much so, that she wanted to leave the movie.

Fortunately, the Magpie is a good talker and Mr.Q was able to turn this into a discussion about people who aren’t always nice, what we do and don’t say and what to do if someone says that to us.  They also agreed to consider writing a letter to Alvin about how to deal with the bully.

I know she’s got to figure this stuff out.  I know that nearly every single movie – regardless of the rating – has some darker imagery, not-so-nice characters or death.  I know I’m certainly not the only one to question hiding realities from kids who are old enough to handle them.

But that doesn’t mean I have to like her finding out about the bad guys any more than she does.


Having just linked the movies to their IMDb pages, I’ve now realised there are Parent Guides on the movie pages – complete with indications of sex, violence and profanity.  I knew I loved IMDb.

3 responses to “he can pay for her therapy in 10 years

  1. We only recently (within the last year) started taking Nathan to movies–and he still gets overwhelmed by them. He saw “Up” back in July (or whenever it came out) and he’s still talking and worrying about the big thunderstorm in it, and the fact that people were mean to the old guy. So I think it’s age, but also the individual kid, too–some are just too sensitive!

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