oh look, I suck. at blogging and at Crazy Eights

Not one post last week?  Right by the mid-week photo-op and to hell with Sunday Edition?


We’re not even out of January yet and the year is catching up to me…

Blah, blah, blah, I was busy.  I know that, you can safely assume that and neither you nor I feel the need to relive it here.  So moving on.


My kid’s going to be a card shark.

Who am I kidding, she already is a card shark.

She got several little packs of Un-named Cartoon / Family Entertainment Giant themed cards from Un-named Big-Box Membership-Required Store in her stocking over the holidays.  She loves the memory game.  She tolerates the simplistic version of Rummy.  She kicks ass at Crazy Eights.

Seriously.  Kicks ass.

She has destroyed every child and every adult who has played against her.  The adults play nice for a game or two, then give up and go straight for the jugular: no hints, no help.  And all to no avail.

The Magpie can play every unreasonable move and still take you out with turns to spare.  She’ll throw eights down and change it to the suit it already was.  She’ll take cards from the pile when she still has three in her hand that she could play.  And she still wins.

We’re going to start showing her how to play for money.

I mean, come on.  She has developed a taste for expensive chocolates, organic raisins and fancy bottled milk.

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